Head Injury Claims

The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) estimates that each year, approximately 1.4 million people visit A&E because of head injuries. Moreover, around 500,000 people in the UK currently live with disabilities linked to a brain injury.

A head injury refers to any type of trauma that leads to an injury of the scalp, skull or brain.

Common Types of Head Injury

The main types of head injury are:

  • Concussions
  • Open head injuries (they occur when force is applied to the head)
  • Closed head injuries imply internal injuries, when the skull is not damaged

Any head injury has to be closely be monitored as symptoms can develop in time. Severe head injury may cause a build-up of pressure on the brain because of bleeding, blood clots or a build-up of fluid. This can often cause temporary or permanent brain damage.


How long do I have to put in a compensation claim?

Usually you have three years to start legal proceedings for personal injury, however in the case of claims related to Asbestos or delayed symptoms you would have three years from the date the symptoms / causes were identified by a professional.

If in doubt about your right to claim or if a deadline is fast approaching please call us we will be happy to look into your case.