Pedestrian Accident Claims

Unfortunately, accidents involving pedestrians are very common in UK. If you were one of the victims, our solicitors can help you make a successful legal claim.

Types of Pedestrian Accidents

  • Car reverses into you without noticing your presence
  • Motorist who ignored traffic lights or road crossings
  • You’ve been knocked over by a bicycle that should not circulate on the pavement
  • You’ve been injured by a motorist who was breaking the speed limits, or was driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


How long do I have to put in a compensation claim?

Usually you have three years to start legal proceedings for personal injury, however in the case of claims related to Asbestos or delayed symptoms you would have three years from the date the symptoms / causes were identified by a professional.

If in doubt about your right to claim or if a deadline is fast approaching please call us we will be happy to look into your case.