Public Liability

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Public Liability Compensation Claims

Apart from local government legislation and council bylaws, employers and businesses that serve the public are also bound by Health and Safety regulations – whether the location is an office, a supermarket, a shopping precinct or another building. Companies are required to have adequate insurance for if a visitor, customer or staff member is injured while on the premises.

 On occasions, unfortunately, customers in cafés and restaurants (for instance) may suffer burns from overheated food or scalds from beverages that are spilt, or simply too hot to drink.

If you have suffered such mishaps or slips, trips and falls which have resulted in severe injury due to negligence or an accident, you may be able to claim personal injury compensation.

In addition to café injury incidents and scalds from taps, other circumstances that may lead to valid public liability personal injury claims include:

  • Special events, whether indoor or outdoor, including catering at festival and exhibitions.
  • Broken or shattered glass in public places.
  • Faulty fairground and amusement park rides.
  • Paths with uneven paving, potholes or hazardous tree stumps.
  • Broken stairs and steps.
  • Accidents in lifts with sudden stops or drops, or whiplash on escalators.
  • Chemical burns due to skin contact with hazardous cleaning materials etc., or inhalation injury.

Public liability claims aim to compensate accident victims if the accident or injury was caused by the negligence of a third party. The victim of the accident or negligence must have needed medical treatment. 

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How long do I have to claim?

Normally, the person who has suffered the injury has to claim within a maximum of three years. Nonetheless, in certain circumstances it might be possible to make a claim after this limitation period has expired. In the case of minors, the time limit is three years from reaching the age of majority – i.e. until twenty-one years of age.

Of course, it is best to seek good advice as soon as possible. As personal injury compensation solicitors, we will provide you with expert advice on making a public liability claim.

How much can I claim?

All cases are reviewed individually, as the circumstances differ. Payments can be significant; the compensation agreed or awarded includes:

  • General damages (the legal term for compensation), based on factors such as the time involved for recovery and rehabilitation and/or further treatment.
  • Loss of amenity, which means any reduction in a person’s physical and/or mental capacity attributable to the accident.
  • Special damages, for medical costs such as physiotherapy and, in serious cases, out-of-pocket expenses for loss of earnings and likely pension entitlement.
  • Adaptations to the home, if these are necessary due to injuries from the accident.

The business or organisation’s insurer will pay and in fact, many claims are settled before the case even reaches a formal court hearing. However, if a court hearing becomes necessary, we take care of the case and instruct the best barristers to pursue your entitlement to full compensation.

In cases involving minors (i.e. under eighteen years of age), the hearing is held at county court level. In these special sessions, a litigation friend (usually a parent or a guardian) attends to accompany the child or young person.

What are the first steps to make a claim?

Firstly, the person who has been subject to the incident or injury has to report any accident in a public place to the relevant person or authority. In a shop, store or a supermarket, the manager is responsible. Other examples of the correct point of contact might include concert hall staff, or wardens in parks.

The responsible person or manager in the public building has to record details of the incident and injury in an official accident logbook. Then, the accident victim (or the person reporting it) receives a copy of the log entry.

If it is necessary to claim sickness absence, a detailed record of medical treatment is advisable. Notably, if an ambulance is not needed, it is essential to consult a general practitioner or a local hospital accident and emergency department, so that the injury and effects are noted in medical records.

After receiving medical attention, the next step you should take if you have suffered burns & scalds, chemical burns, slips, trips or falls is to contact a personal injury lawyer. As experts in compensation claims for accidents and injuries, we offer a complete and comprehensive service.